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Meet Benny Fitz

Meet Benny Fitz

Benny Fitz is more than Premier Supply Group's mascot. Benny is PSG's biggest, best, and hairiest representative. Benny is passionate and ready to help in whatever role he can - like our favorite New England coach says - in all three phases of the game: PSG's customers, PSG's vendors, and PSG's employees.

Benny has become the face of our company, whether on our clothing, branch awnings, or newsletters to being trampled on welcome mats and whacked by golf clubs. Benny will always be where you need him, when you need him.

With PSG's Customer-First-Inspired Mission Statement, Benny was ecstatic to become part of the PSG team with their can-do attitude. Look for him appearing in more and more places - from air fresheners to Benny Bucks, from counter days to truck wraps.

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