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Rheem 4th Gen Heat Pump Water Heaters

January 13, 2016 | Author: CS | Category: General Information
Rheem 4th Generation Heat Pump Water Heaters


As you know Rheem has been the leader in the heat pump market from the beginning, having introduced the first units in 2009. With a dedicated HVAC division has always allowed Rheem to develop and produce in house all of the components required for its heat pump water heaters. As a result Rheem has continued through the years to improve and upgrade its line heat pump water heaters and is now offering its 4th generation units which have a 3.4 energy factor, the highest in the industry while other manufacturer’s have left the market.

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Welcome to our blog

June 5, 2015 | Author: JB | Category: General Information image

Welcome to PSG's new blog. We've updated our website a bit and added a few new fun features. You can check out our monthly specials, browse our clearance list for a great deal, view our events calendar to see what's going on, and now you can keep up to date with PSG happenings here on our new blog.

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