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Rheem 4th-gen Heat Pump Water Heaters

January 13, 2016 | Author: CS | Category: General Information
Rheem 4th Generation Heat Pump Water Heaters


As you know Rheem has been the leader in the heat pump market from the beginning, having introduced the first units in 2009. With a dedicated HVAC division has always allowed Rheem to develop and produce in house all of the components required for its heat pump water heaters. As a result Rheem has continued through the years to improve and upgrade its line heat pump water heaters and is now offering its 4th generation units which have a 3.4 energy factor, the highest in the industry while other manufacturer’s have left the market.


  • The exit of G. E. from the water heater market occurred recently due to their inability to enter the rest of the water heater market and not having enough volume in sales of heat pump units to support the price at which they were being sold.
  • GE’s attempt to grow into a full water heater manufacturer were further thwarted by the changes with the NAECA 3 transition which mandated higher EF equipment, the ability to manufacture gas units and the loss of the Home Depot business.


PSG HAS transitioned to the NEW models of the Rheem Hot Water Heaters although some older models may currently be in stock for a short while.


  • The 1st generation units were followed by a 2nd generation which increased the efficiency but were too tall for many applications and if not handled correctly in shipping compressors were easily damaged. Please note that any issues with a heater needs to be done by calling tech service and getting a claim/case number
  • The 3rd generation units addressed the height issue and added new features that allowed for improved diagnostics. (Internet access as well as an increase in efficiency to 2.45 which exceeded the 2.05 energy factor to meet the rebate target. An 80 gallon unit was added and the shipping issues were addressed.)
  • The 4th generation, which is currently in production has again increased the efficiency, to 3.5 added new standard features such as ECONET / WIFI technology, a water sensor to detect leaks, new programming features and expanded the line includes a 65 gallon unit in addition to the 50 and 80 gal models. The new units come equipped with the connections that allow for ducting and can be installed in closets or other small areas. Competitors require the purchase of a separate kit and require modification of the unit. Gen 4 units are quieter with a sound level at 49 DBA compared to earlier versions at 65 DBA. An average refrigerator can average around 43 to 50 DBA. UNITS CAN BE LAID DOWN PER THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE BOX ALLOWING FOR EASIER TRANSPORTATION.
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